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Some observers consider that these are important steps in the right direction; others think that the steps are too timid and too late, and they will not be adequate to resolve the current crisis.

Bush in his first inaugural address on Jan. Many buildings have been repeatedly subdivided.

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One in ten people lose their wallets on the trip. And we are met here tonight as Americans — not as Democrats or Republicans — we are met here as Americans to solve that problem. As the government became increasingly unable to meet the basic needs of Cuban citizens, many individuals fled the country and those left behind had to turn to the black market, where products— often stolen from the state or sent in from abroad by the exiled community—are bought and sold. Trump in his inaugural address on Jan. Eisenhower also faced several problems abroad, including the growing influence of the Soviet Union in the Middle East. The agricultural and industrial sectors are totally unrelated to the expansion of export of these services, so there is no multiplier effect on the domestic economy. Many medications are not available or can only be purchased at very high prices in the pharmacies that sell in foreign exchange. Large fiscal deficits covered by monetary injections. In a society with such low levels of income and the overwhelming presence of the State in all economic activities, the only way for individuals to survive is to take what they can from the State. Truman in his State of the Union address on Jan. As a consequence of the combination of an increase in imports, a deceleration of exports, greater obligations to service a growing external debt, and lower availability of external financing, the demand for foreign exchange could not be met.

One in ten people lose their wallets on the trip. The housing situation was further aggravated by the destruction caused by the three hurricanes that hit the island in If more is produced, it leaks out of the official economy. Education was hardest hit: the government invested over million pesos in the sector inbut only Currently, Cuba has to import most agricultural products Figure 3.

More recently he has taken what are seen by some as bolder steps to seek a reform of the system.

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In these situations either singular or plural verb agreement is grammatical: One in ten people loses their wallets on the trip. Truman began his first full term in office four years after the end of World War II and the formation of the United Nations.

But there is not one singular issue that is dominating the American consciousness. Many medications are not available or can only be purchased at very high prices in the pharmacies that sell in foreign exchange.

The result has been a very significant rise in the number of students that failed the entrance exams at the universities and poor performance in tests of grammar, mathematics and orthography. At least one Minister, several vice-Ministers and a number of high-level Government officials and administrators of State enterprises have been fired and put in prison for corruption in recent times.

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But a financial boom soon followed, and by the end of his presidency, very few people still listed the economy as the key problem. While the government puts an emphasis on continuing to excel with respect to some health indicators that receive much attention at the international level, such as life expectancy and infant mortality, they have disregarded the deterioration of the water and sewerage systems, and this has brought a resurgence of a number illnesses that at one point had been practically eliminated. In addition, many roads are in bad condition as are also rail tracks. The maintenance of an exchange rate that is not representative of market conditions has contributed to the problems faced by the banking system and the difficulties in obtaining financing from abroad. Hiring and maintenance of jobs have been dominated by political allegiance and, since the government eliminated most possibilities for engaging in economic activities outside the state sphere, this has contributed to a bloating of employment in the government sector and State enterprises. Exodus of young people coupled with significant aging of the Cuban population. Initial efforts concentrated on cutting waste from the government and state enterprises, promoting import substitution and reducing consumption of expensive imported energy. We have an alternative, and that is the program for economic recovery. Trump harnessed during his populist campaign. There is no Northern problem. In a sense the dual system acts as a hidden tax on workers who receive payment in moneda nacional.
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